The Product

ONE SYSTEM for all of your positioning needs and prevention/correction of head shape deformities.

Prone in soletteProne in isolette
Sidelying in IsoletteSidelying in isolette
Supine in IsoletteSupine in isolette
Supine in open crib
(While in the NICU only - never for use in open crib at home)
Supine in crib

Look how easy it is to position babies nicely every time;
these babies are very comfortable while achieving flexion,
containment, and alignment!

Prone Rolls: position the NICU infant for optimal developmental outcome when in the prone position. Simple and easy to use, position baby from head to hips with arms and legs flexed over prone roll. Two sizes to fit your needs. 6 packs come with 4 small and 2 large prone rolls. Prone rolls are for general use and positioning needs if you do not currently have the entire Shape Right System. The Shape Right System allows for easy prone positioning but if you are currently using another product and still struggling with prone positioning, the prone rolls will be very helpful.
Incorrect prone positioning shown here: (note scapular retraction and “frogged” legs).

For use in bouncy or swing at home with caregiver present for calming and continued head shaping as needed.

NEVER FOR USE IN CRIB and always with caregiver supervision
For plagiocephaly (flattening on one side of head), the Shape Right is used to keep the infant’s head turned to the side of the head that is NOT flat. For torticollis (tightness in the neck on one side), use in conjunction with therapy issued home program for gentle prolonged stretch. For 85% of babies with a preferential head turn, the Shape Right is used to decrease risk of torticollis and prevent a head shape deformity by gently turning the head to the opposite side. ***NOT FOR USE IN CRIB***

Patent Pending design for use in:

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy Clinics
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Developmental Follow-up Clinics
  • Supports AAP recommendation to reposition baby’s head
    to prevent cranial asymmetry and preferential head turn
  • Supports AAP Back to Sleep Campaign
  • Use as support roll for “tummy time”
  • Deep pressure is good for calming infants and children of all ages
  • Use to facilitate safe and centered positioning in car seats
  • Warm in dryer to soothe fussy baby