Consulting Services

If you need education for your therapists or nurses, The Shape Right System, LLC offers education and consulting services! Choose from a wide variety of topics and options. Is your unit struggling developmentally? Are you looking for more advanced treatments or developmental interventions? Do you want a “hands on” lab portion? We can cater to your specific needs.

Topics to choose from include:
  • Positioning for Optimal Development
  • Brain Oriented Care at the Bedside
  • Feeding
  • Using the Ladder Approach
  • Head Shaping
  • Neuromotor and Sensory motor Treatments
  • Empowering the Parent
  • And many more!!

About Inventor

Lisa Bader Lisa Bader is an occupational and developmental specialist, as well as, a certified educator of infant massage in a Level III NICU in Omaha, NE. She has worked in the NICU over her entire 21 year career. She speaks locally and nationally regarding therapy services in the NICU and brain oriented care at the bedside. She has written 2 manuals and several magazine and journal articles as well. She shares her work at

Lisa has always strived to help NICU professionals do their jobs more efficiently, more collaboratively, and with evidence-based research behind them. She happily answers any email questions regarding therapy and brain oriented care in the NICU and spends much of her time doing so. Lisa is married with two teenage boys. She is a lake enthusiast, select soccer coach, and Pilates lover. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and continually strives for the elusive “work-life” balance.